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Where will the rich go when they turn Earth into one giant ghetto?

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

by Chris Ossman

April 03, 2021

At a time when technology has made the world a much easier place in which to live, should there be an abundance of suffering? In the richest country that the Earth has EVER known, should there be “have nots”? Obviously, the answer to both of these questions should be “no”, but apparently, too few agree with my conclusion. Why else would a majority or at the very least, a plurality of Earth’s citizens allow a minority oversee such pain and suffering.

Despite the propaganda put forth by the corporately-owned news and financial programs, shouldn’t Humanity be discerning enough to see through the illogical arguments the wealth disparity that has not only persisted but grown (almost exponentially) for decades? Regardless of the obfuscation, half-truths and downright lies about America’s Meritocracy. If the truth about the rich were to come out, Americans might be able to put this nation on a path to recovery. If people were to reject the ever-present belief in a wealthy person’s right to multi-generational wealth and it were to stop idolizing the rich, the World might be saved for Humanity.

If ever there is any skepticism that the Human race has lost its sense of survival, the inequality that is spreading across the Globe should have put it to rest. I make this claim because forcing poverty upon more and more people is unsustainable, as history has proven time and time again. All one need do is look to every empire from the past. There are stages through which the Roman, French, Spanish and British empires went through on their paths to self-destruction and America has traversed all but the last. In this final stage of empire, the debasement of the currency impoverished the masses until a tipping point was reached. Whether intentional or not, the inflation caused by the devaluation of the currency always heralded the fall which came about through both external and internal forces, both of which were always violent. In other words, maybe the rich should listen to their ilk (Nick Hanauer) makes a video called “Beware fellow plutocrats, the pitchforks are coming”. Perhaps, the rich should consider the question I put forth in the title of this article.

As for the rest of us, maybe we should ask whether there should be billionaires at all. Until every child has food, water, shelter and all of those things necessary to not only survive but also thrive, should there be a single billionaire? If you believe the idea of billionaires in a world where so many face food insecurities, homelessness and led-poisoned water on a daily basis is okay, should your child or grandchild be one of the unfortunate ones? For that matter, should you be one of the poor, starving huddled masses sleeping under an overpass until the police do their periodic sweeps? If the wealth of the rich had no impact on the lives of others, there would be no need for the following petition/legislation. Click on the link below, reads the premise of the petition and share with anyone who is not a billionaire.

End the Job Creator Lie

If this petition got traction when I initially posted it, we might not have the 2017 Trump tax breaks, at least those tax breaks might not have inordinately benefited the rich. Perhaps more people would have realized the fact that the biggest issues we face, have faced and will face stem from the selfish dispositions of those with the largest treasuries. Maybe people would realize that the biggest welfare queens are the rich, who get the biggest tax breaks and cheapest interest rates as the largest socialized group in America.

For the reasons listed above and many more, I wrote my book “Solutions: Enough complaining. Let’s fix America.”, which is as necessary today as it is relevant. Get yours today and see why, even in these times, I am optimistic about the future.

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