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Eye opener for June 15, 2023

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

While leaders in America try to cling to their claim that there are no quick and easy solutions to the problems we face, I would refer them to the book listed on this very website.

The book not only offers solutions to some of the biggest issues facing America, it offers solutions that can be adopted and adapted to the entire planet. Even better than the solutions offered in the book however is training every reader will get pertaining to ways with which an individual can discern, analyze predict, and contradict the half truths, lies and propaganda currently being used to control and manipulate the masses.

One of the biggest issues addressed in the book is the repeated occurrence of wars that ONLY serve to make warmongers richer. It does so by linking all wars and acts of aggression committed by American leaders to the wars they have either illegally started or continued under the false banners of Freedom, Humanitarianism and/or Democracy.

To gain further insight into the Author's approach to available solutions being willfully ignored by current leaders visit his petition to end the myth of the so called "Job Creator". While this argument is less pervasive than in years past, it still persists as an underlying reason for the need to push inequality in America and around the world to further still unsustainable levels. Read, sign and share it at the following link if you believe the rich have enough money and are causing more charm than good with their excessive wealth.

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