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Eye Opener for May 27, 2023

During the height of the COVID pandemic, every developed nation (other than the United States of America) provided a portion of the salary made by all working citizens during lockdowns. Istead, in America we got two (checks) of no more than $2,000. That's $4,000 dollars for almost an entire year of staying home. And, after giving American workers $4,000 for the year, American leaders told everyone that since people had this extra money, the economy would be stimulated. Those leaders made these claims without any push back from a single Main Stream Media news source or reporter refuting this illogical and baseless claim.

What I wonder is, how Americans accepted the premise that they had more money to stimulate the economy when those who couldn't work only got $4,000 dollars at most for that year? I know the US Government printed approximately $5 trillion dollars out of thin air

with most of that going to the rich. I make this claim based on the numbers because, even if every American, working or not, got $4,000 dollars during that printing spree this would only amount to 1.32 trillion dollars (given an approximate US population of 330 million Americans). Of course not every American was working, so the actual number of people receiving the $4000 was much less, so where did the other $4 trillion go? My guess is to the rich who probably just put it in some vault or bank account because they had nor have any need to spend that excess cash which exceeds their other excess cash.

    Not only did this infusion of currency lead to the inflation seen in American in 2023, but the impacts of the debasement of the Dollar could have possibly been mitigated had that money gone to the poor and middle class (who are currently falling into the ranks of the poor). If the US government had given a greater percentage of those trillions to people who needed to spend it for survival that money would have stimulated the economy as it made its way up to the rich. Even if the poor and soon to be poor (middle class) spent it frivolously, it would have still been spent, something the rich had nor have any need to do.

So, here we are, groceries cost twice as much, wages are up (due to COVID, not our leaders), but lays are incoming, so how much money will the US government print out of thin air this time and how much more air is there to cover all of these free dollars?

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