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No News is Good News

Why do few (if any) news stations or programs offer answers to any of the terrible things on which they report? There's a solution to ever issue

Consider this: Whether you watch CNN, Fox, MSNBC, what is the one thing that is almost always lacking from any of these news sources? No, it's not the truth. They all offer the truth... at least their version of it. And no, it's not information that's lacking. There is plenty of information; misinformation, disinformation... It's all about context. Any final guesses? It's not divisiveness, those stations are rife with stories that serve the greater good... for the smallest of minorities... multi-millionaires and billionaires... the elite and powerful.. And no, none of the giant media empires ever miss breaking news stories. CNN, in it's wisdom, has completely broken the news: Every story they produce seems to be breaking news, which if you think about is kind of true... Every NEW news story is "breaking, just not in the way in which CNN means it.

The one thing or, more accurately things that news shows lack almost to a program are solutions. Whether or not you believe that your favorite station, half hour to hour-long show or segment is delivering all of the facts, the single thing or group of things none seem to offer are solutions. Let me rephrase that, the single thing or group of things that none of your favorite stations, shows or segments offer are viable, sustainable solutions that benefit the majority as opposed to a very specific minority. I don't need to divulge of which minority I speak do I? Ok then, I won't. I will, however offer the following hints:

When America commits acts of aggression around the world, the rational usually comes down to humanitarian reasons: We bomb other countries for humanitarian reasons. Sounds counter-intuitive to kill people to save them but this has been the reason given for over throwing dictators, democratically elected leaders, fascists, communists and others in sovereign lands. Now. What has been America's track record in those instances when we intervened on behave of a nations citizenry? After Muammar suggested that African nations trade gold for oil instead of the Petro-Dollar, we helped Libyan rebels overthrow, hunt down, torture and execute Qaddafi. While I'm not absolving Qaddafi of any crimes he committed, the problem in with America's involvement in Libya's "freedom" is that it has led to open-air slave markets. Did this serve American interests? After September 11th, 2001, America went to war with Afghanistan. Even tough fifteen (15) of the nineteen hijackers on 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia, America went to war with Afghanistan, while all Saudi royals were the only people allowed to fly in the days after that attack. While there are so many reasons why that war should never have been carried out the way in which it was (a primary reason being that George W. Bush was viewed as a failure at everything he touched (baseball, oil, college, etc.) up to the day of the attacks, I will focus on one. One that plagues America to this day and will for years to come. For background , I will simply point out that Afghanistan is the world's largest producer of opium. Now, with America's opioid epidemic killing more Americans every year than the number of American soldiers who died in the ten years of the Viet Nam war (Click here: another war that should have never happened), why hasn't any major news source ever linked America's control of Afghanistan's poppy fields, the Sackler family involvement in supplying the drugs as well as the "cure" for this epidemic? Why has MSNBC, Fox or CNN ever tried to connect the dots as they pertain to that same epidemic?

And when the justification of humanitarianism fails to placate Americans, our leaders change their tune to "American interests". While little solace can be taken in the idea that we bomb other countries so our interests can be protected or maintained, how much of that argument actually holds water? With poverty, homelessness, suicides and more increasing every year in this country and wages remaining stagnant, only increasing due in large part to COVID and its subsequent lock downs and healthcare benefits, the dollar's value and clean drinking water on the decline, how have any of these American acts of aggression benefited anyone except the rich... Nay, the super rich, because the wealthy are eating themselves, just visit Naples Florida, take one of their boat tours and hear how multi-millionaires are complaining about being priced out of multi-million-dollar homes by those who are richer still.

So, the next time you hear some Congress person, Senator or President talk about American interest, if your life has not been markedly improved over the decades of war in which America has been involved, ask yourself for which American's interests do we attack other countries? And then ask yourself, why none of your favorite news stations or shows ever present people with solutions that lead to peace.

The buy the book "Solutions: Enough Complaining. Let's Fix America!" presented by Miksons Entertainment. Discover America's secrets, learn why it takes decades for these atrocities from the past to be declassified and find out ways in which to expose and hopefully help America avoid future atrocities. The truth is out there and it's neither left-wing nor right, red nor blue, black nor white. It's convoluted, obfuscated, denied in plain sight but available to those who seek it out. It's not hidden on some conspiracy-laced website, but on .gov websites (only government entities are allowed to use .gov websites URLs). There are reasons why there are fewer and fewer conspiracy theories and more and more conspiracies everyday.

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