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Who wore it best?

Who represented the highest office in the land better? Disclaimer: I am no fan of Donald Trump. Nor am I a Joe Biden supporter. Truth be told, I no longer support either of the parties that these gentlemen supposedly lead.

I do however, believe and have believed for years that one of them has caused more harm to a majority of the citizens of the the United States of America and will lay out the case for my conclusion. The following is in no way a fully researched story, so you can and should confirm or debunk anything I claim within. Let's begin.

Of these two men, Biden has been in office decades longer than Donald Trump. While Trump has been committing fraud and other allegedly illegal acts within the business community and against individuals investors, the harm he has caused pales in comparison to the policies and laws written, supported and/or enacted by Biden as either A Senator, Vice President or President. Let's take a look, shall we?

Trump defrauded a lot of people out of money through a college scheme that charged students a lot of money with little to no return on their investment of time and money. While this caused harm to so many of those who would classify themselves as Trump University Alumni, this would have little impact on the overall integrity of our nation. Biden, on the other hand, helped increase the incarceration rate in America to the point that its prison population has nearly doubled in size for non-violent crimes like selling marijuana. His efforts have pushed America's prison population to over two (2) million people. This number allows the USA to maintain standing as the country with the highest rate of incarceration. The United States holds 25% of the World’s incarcerated population but only comprises 5% of that same World’s entire population. If there was balance, America’s number of incarcerated would match or, at least, be closer to its entire population. In other words, America would only have 5% of the World’s incarcerated people. Though this may not be an apples to apples comparison, it’s close enough.

Who impacted more people’s lives and who impacted said lives in a more negative way is what’s important here and in this case, the clear winner is Biden and here’s my rationale: Trump impacted those people he defrauded as well as those depending those Trump ripped off, but Trump’s discretion ended there. Biden’s action in this case, however, not only impact those incarcerated for crimes that would have been considered minor in the past, but the family members dependent on those individuals and worse still, Biden’s crime bill of 1994 continues to impact certain demographics to this day and will impact so many more in the future. And for those who thought slavery in America ended over one hundred and fifty years ago, think again. The 13th amendment, the one that ended slavery in America does not guarantee an individual’s freedom once they have been convicted of a felony. So, if you wanted to create a free workforce, AKA slaves to replace your public workforce, you could simply make more things illegal. The ways in which various states utilize this free or nearly free workforce to, not only lay off public employees but to also supplement that State’s coffers and the bottom lines of private prison corporations is detailed in the book “Solutions: Enough complaining. Let’s fix America.”

Now, let’s look at war. Of the presidents of the past few decades, which one brought us closer to World War III? It wasn’t Trump. Donald actually got America out of Syria, for which the media criticized Trump… BTW … Why? Biden, on the other hand is currently threaten war with two of the World’s other superpower… Nuclear superpowers, like China and Russia should not be trifled with, but Biden seems so out of it that he does NOT even seem to realize how harmful his words are, let alone where he even is most of the time. I don’t want to go into the problem with America’s support for a Nazi-rich nation like Ukraine, but suffice it to say that American citizens are in enough trouble with homelessness, lead-poisoned water, poverty and more to warrant not send $60 billion oversees with little to no oversight as to where that money ends up. That would be like buying a $300 pair of shoes for your neighbor’s child while allowing your own child to go barefoot. Who would do that… I guess Uncle Joe would.

So, Biden is zero for two so far. How has Biden affected our economy? Do I even need to discuss this one. Unless you’re worth more than a few million dollars, you know how negatively Biden’s presidency has been to your wallet. Personally, my income increased by 50% this year alone, but this has not relieved the stress I feel when looking to the future. I say this because, for decades now, the trend in America has been to redistribute the wealth to fewer and fewer individuals. Let me amend this last claim. More multi-millionaires and billionaires have been created in recent years, but the supply of dollars (the World’s reserve currency) has increased by 40% in just the past few years. For those multimillionaires, this has little impact, but for the middle class and the poor it means less food on the table, one mortgage payment that doesn’t get made or lights out. So, while Trump lied or simply had no clue as to how bad the economy was for most, Biden has actually forced more into poverty due to his actions or the lack thereof.

So, socially, has Biden been better? Nope. While Trump flip flopped on Abortion, Biden claimed codifying Roe v. Wade as his number one priority. He did this, as did Obama, while campaigning to be President, only to proclaim that it was not a priority after the election. Now, the fight for freedom of choice is lost for the next few years, which should not have been the case during a term in which Democrats controlled both Houses and the Presidency. Now the Democrats will run on reviving Roe v. Wade, after failing to protect it in the first place.

And, while I will restate that I have no love-loss for Trump, I will ask this one last question. Of all of the approximately 350 million Americans in this country, is Joe Biden the absolute best person to represent our nation? I personally find this hard to believe because if Biden or Trump are the best America has to offer, the American Empire is truly in its final stage. I wonder where the next empire will spring up… Probably China.

As a sidebar. Let me leave you with this final thought. If Russia meddled with America’s elections through Facebook in the past and both China and Russia are meddling with upcoming American elections, maybe Americans should stop using Facebook or Meta or whatever it’s called these days?

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